If you wish to join EWC residency then just fill out the form below! All you need do is tell us your main stable and the other stables you would like to reside here! If you have only one stable you want to reside here then just fill out the main stable slot. It's that easy! Also, please make sure when you fill in the "Main Stable" box to put in your main stable out of the stables you will have residing in the EWC, not your main stable in the whole sim.

Then you need to go and support EWC
with each of the stables you are joining with - here is how:

With each stable:
When you've accomplished that, you'll see the Residency name listed against each of your stables when you click the Stables link (at the top) > Stable Stats (on the left)

Main Stable:
E-Mail Address:

Stables to Reside Here: