Residents !!!!!!!!  - A Message from CEO Lordpye:

Here's an incentive to drop by and liven up our Message Board.....

Starting at week ending 4197, 50 credits will be given to all residency members who post at least 5 messages/replies on the EWC Message Board during the previous week (running 12 midnight Saturday/Sunday (00:00 hrs EST) through 23:59 hrs Saturday.)

Change of basis:
As of week commencing Sun Nov 3rd 2013 (w/c 5584), the 'cycle point' for
counting posts each week is changing to GameTime midnight Sunday/Monday
- the first week therefore containing 8 post days.

All players who earn the 50 credits for posting will also have their name put into a drawing at the end of the current meet for a prize homebred (the players will have their choice from the 2nd place prize pool).  Each week you receive the 50 credits for posting you get an entry into the end-of-meet raffle.


You post 5+ messages a week all 8 weeks of the meet.  This will give you 400 credits for posting and 8 "tickets" in the raffle.

You post 5+ messages a week for 4 of the 8 weeks of the meet.  This will give you 200 credits for posting and 4 "tickets" in the raffle.

Hopefully it is not necessary to point this out, but, from the point of view of the 'giveaway', all posts should have an amount of substance to them.  Threads created that just say "hi" or replies to messages that just say "yes" or "no" will, in most cases, not be included in the post count.  The judgement of LordPye and Denovo will be considered final in this matter.

The point of this giveaway is to spur contact and conversation amongst our residents.  Have fun!  Post whatever is on your mind. Let's keep that discussion flowing!

Credits will be given out during the week following the posting week.

GO EWC !!!